From the #MoronFiles | You Get What You Pay For!


Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that I see all kinds of crazy stuff in my line of work. Some of the things that come across my desk make me frustrated with society and you probably know that I blog about Fighting Fair on the Internet because of the things that I see.  In addition, sometimes the things that I see that frustrate me include others that are part of my profession. Like any profession, there are certain shit bags (okay, maybe they aren’t all shitbags…just most of them) out there that give us lawyers a bad reputation and quite frankly, it pisses me off.

Some things that I see warrant a full blog article – so I write those.  Others just warrant a short mention because I find the conduct both outrageous AND funny.  I’ve decided to start a collection of true stories, with some identifying facts modified so I don’t have to deal with the psychos, and will be continually adding more of those to the #MORONFILES for your reading pleasure:

10/03/2018 #MORONFILES ENTRY:  I think the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true for most professions – including the legal profession.  Now I’m about to bag on the “pre-paid legal” services here for a minute.  I’m not saying that they are all bad, I’m sure there are some that are actually good and genuinely help people…BUT…pre-paid legal services are often cheap and well…you get what you pay for! Let me give you a “fine” example of the stupid sh*t clients are WASTING their money on.

First, it is important to note that in this country, as long as the Communications Decency Act is alive and well, websites don’t have liability for third-party content.  There are some caveats that I won’t bore you with but the basic rule and understanding.  Anyone who has a single ounce of education in this area, or who has the ability to run a search on Google, will easily find this to be true.  If you are going to help clients in bulk in this area of law, you should definitely know this! If you don’t…well, you end up here.  I loathe shitty lawyers like this.  LOATHE.

People work hard for their money…really hard.  It’s not like it grows on trees (I guess unless your business is growing trees – or marijuana these days – that’s like growing money on trees) and when they take people’s money to write a letter that has ZERO merit to it – that, to me, is absolutely NOT helping people – that’s just contributing to the bad reputation of lawyers and lining their pockets – the greedy f*cks!  Any GOOD attorney would tell the clients the truth; that sending a demand letter isn’t going to do anything.  But…I digress.  You can tell this really pisses me off, I’m sure.

Now maybe you are thinking that perhaps the first time a letter comes from someone…oops, their mistake.  From a lay person – yes, absolutely.  From a law firm – meh, not so much.  That just likely means they are either dabbling or otherwise have no business representing clients in this particular area of law.  Even then, if you send them the “no, you’re wrong and here is why” letter…you certainly don’t expect to get the same stupid letter, from the same firm, for a different client, months later.  In this case – this is the FOURTH TIME I’ve received a piece of garbage letter (which is essentially going to the garbage) after my previously having told said firm they are idiots (but in a nice way) which says to me that they don’t care about the law and helping clients – all they care about is taking the client’s money – and that is SO WRONG in my book.  This is why this week, that shitty firm that does pre-paid legal work, makes it into the #MoronFiles.

Remember kids…attorneys are expensive…but it’s even more costly when you hire some jack wagon attorney or law firm who has no clue what the hell they are doing and are simply taking your money to write meaningless letters that will end up in someone’s garbage can.  That’s right – you are paying to line someone else’s trash can with your hard earned money.  You’re better off wiping you butt with it.  Choose legal representation wisely.  Ask questions…make sure they know what they are doing.

Until next time friends…


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