I’m just a small town girl…living in a lonely world…whose never been on a midnight train going anywhere.  You just sang that didn’t you?  You’re welcome.


All kidding aside, I AM a small town girl living in a big city working as a business/internet attorney and entrepreneur. I love the outdoors, being active, and encouraging others to find strength within themselves and to achieve goals. I’m an analytical thinker and every day problem solver. I love volunteering and I have a soft spot for children and women who are in tough situations as I have been there myself. I am an advocate for the freedom of speech but also strongly against bullying and trolls because well, it’s just not nice. I absolutely love business and helping clients make theirs better… I am a creative thinker who likes to find solutions outside of the box. Mostly I’m just trying to find my place in the world and always striving to make things a little better than I left them.

This blog is designed to capture my random thoughts on different issues that I personally have experienced or currently experience in my every day life…and every once in a while I hope to toss in some thought provoking or helpful general legal tidbits that just might help someone some day. Even if one person smiles or saves themselves some trouble…then my mission has been accomplished.

Sometimes I will be posting from some odd hand held device that is notorious for reeking havoc on my ability to use correct punctuation and spelling. Please excuse the errors…I really do know how to read and write.

Of course, all of the information contained on this blog is meant as general information and should not be misconstrued for legal advice or relied upon.  Any legal questions that you might have should be directed to licensed legal counsel in your jurisdiction.

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